ITI Research Group


The ITI Research Group has been created as a space for research, innovation, and development in different areas of computer science. Additionally, the creation of the group is due to the need to foster research, resulting in the generation of skills and knowledge relevant to the group participants.

The group started its activities in January 2013. The group is created by the motivation to publish in international journals and events the results of several projects developed by the members in different areas such as model-driven engineering, data science, and artificial intelligence.

In addition, the group is the main organization of the journal ParadigmPlus and the conference ICAI.


Innovating in areas of information technologies in order to create knowledge and add value through the development of research, considering the talent and knowledge of the members as the main input of the group.


Being a group recognized at local, national, and international levels based on the socialization of its research activities results.

2013 - 2024